The Parish of Saint Matthew: The Episcopal Church of Pacific Palisades

Welcome to Saint Matthew's!

Welcome NewcomersIf you are new to our parish, welcome! We hope that you will feel at home. Feel free to check out the many worship services, classes, small groups, and outreach ministries that you can be a part of at St. Matthew’s Church. We have something for everyone.

Where to Start?

• Join Our Mailing List

To be added to our mailing list of regular events and activities at St. Matthew’s, please let us know. You can reach us directly via email.

• Connect With Others At An Upcoming “Connect” Event

Look for our next Connect event soon.

St. Matthew’s Church is a multi-faceted spiritual community. How do I learn more about getting involved? What’s my next step? Join us on Founders’ Patio for a chance to “Connect” with others and learn more amid refreshments and fun conversation.

• For More Information About St. Matthew's

The parish staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have about St. Matthew’s, the Episcopal Church, or general membership. Please contact us at 310-454-1358 or send us an email.

Membership at Saint Matthew's

St. Matthew’s and the canon law of the Episcopal Church maintains four requirements for active membership:

  • Recording one's name on the parish's register of baptized members
  • Participating in regular Sunday worship
  • Involvement in a parish activity or ministry
  • Making an annual financial pledge in support of St. Matthew's.

You don’t need to have been baptized or confirmed as an Episcopalian in order to become a member of St. Matthew's.

Become a Member


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