The Parish of Saint Matthew: The Episcopal Church of Pacific Palisades

Saint Matthew’s Parish Fellowship Commission

Fellowship Commission Mission Statement

The Fellowship Commission provides hospitality and creates a place of welcome for all, members and non-members, at St. Matthew’s. The Fellowship-sponsored events help build a sense of Christian Community within the parish. 

Fellowship Commission events include:

  • Foyer Potluck Supper Kick-off Dinner
  • Christmas Brunch
  • Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
  • Lenten Soup Nights
  • Maundy Thursday Foot washing and Dinner
  • Easter Vigil Reception
  • Pentecost Sunday

Serving on one of these events or participating in one is often the first social experience for those new to the parish.

The Fellowship Commission provides parishioners an opportunity to serve on a ministry in a casual, flexible environment.  It is a setting of spiritual formation and friendship for members old and new.

The Commission hosts several social events during the year to promote fellowship within the church community, and to help new parishioners deepen their sense of relationship in our parish. Whether serving as members of the Fellowship Commission or attending an event which we sponsor, we are often the first social experience for many members of the parish.

How to Join

Those of us serving on the Fellowship Commission are often some of the first people to meet and welcome Saint Matthew’s newest members. As such, there are several expectations we have in order to make this experience enjoyable.

  • Members need to attend the monthly meeting to support each other, and to enhance coordination of the events.

  • Each member will be responsible for co-chairing one event and helping out on two others.

  • As ambassadors for those coming to Saint Matthew’s, it is important that members attend church frequently, if not regularly so that people can see you and get to know you, and so you can do the same for others.

Fellowship Meeting

We look forward to seeing you and discussing all of the wonderful opportunities for this year. KIDS are WELCOME at the meetings. Please don't feel that you need to miss meetings if you don't have a sitter at that time.

Check back soon for the next Fellowship gathering in Founders Dining Room!

Contact Us

For more information, email Sarah or Genevieve!


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