The Parish of Saint Matthew: The Episcopal Church of Pacific Palisades

Pastoral Staff

The Parish of Saint Matthew
1031 Bienveneda Avenue
P.O. Box 37
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
Parish Office: (310) 454-1358
Fax: (310) 573-7421
RSVP Line: (310) 573-7787
School Office: (310) 454-1350
Fax: (310) 573-7423

Staff Directory

Rev. Bruce Allan Freeman
The Reverend Bruce Allan Freeman
(310) 573-0730, email
Christine Purcell
The Reverend Christine Purcell
Associate Rector
(310) 573-0729, email
Missy Morain
Ms. Missy Morain
Director of Christian Formation for Youth and Children
(310) 573-0739, email
Tom Neenan
Mr. Thomas Neenan
Director of Music
(310) 573-0727, email
Karen Johnson
Ms. Karen Johnson
Stewardship Secretary
(310) 573-0700, email
Craig Ehlers
Mr. Craig Ehlers
Chief Financial Officer
(310) 573-0726, email

Jennifer McCarthy
Ms. Jennifer McCarthy
Director of Communications
(310) 573-0728, email
Amy Childress
Ms. Amy Childress
Membership Coordinator
(310) 573-0723, email
Greg Heidt
Mr. Greg Heidt
Director of Facilities and Operations
(310) 573-0708, email
Haesung Park
Dr. Haesung Park
Parish Organist


The Reverend Kristin Neily Barberia
School Minister
(310) 573-0725, email

Mr. Jeremias Mendez
Special Projects Manager
(310) 573-0733, email

The Reverend Doctor William Wallace

Mr. Stuart Work
Head of School, St. Matthew’s Parish School
(310) 573-0746, email


Members of the Vestry:
Helen Cooksey, Sr. Warden
Pete Mann, Jr. Warden
Peter Trepp, Treasurer
Melissa Rawlins, Recording Secretary
Mary Ellen Kanoff, Chancellor

Terry Bird • John Choi • Eric Edmunds • Troy Elander • Dave Higley • Billy Jones • Pete Mann •
Sarah Peterson • Melissa Rawlins • Chris Schetter • Shawn Silletti • Daniela Winter


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